Sara Ingram

"Alan is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who motivates a person to get the very best workout. He has an extensive understanding of fitness nutrition and can make great recommendations for meal plans.

I have been working with him for over 5 years and have been completely satisfied with each session. I think he is the best trainer in San Angelo because he understands aging joints and can modify the workout sessions to meet the ability of each person."

Sue Gomez

"I would like to tell you a little about my experience with Alan Anderson. I am 59 years old, and I was referred to him after going through several fractures in my feet and leg. It was almost 3½ years of walking in Cam Boots before I was healed up.

Walking in the boots really took a toll on my hips and back. Alan has been amazing, helping me to strengthen my hip and core muscles––which in turn helps to alleviate my hip and leg pain. He has gone over and above working with me on many things that will help return me to health. He is patient with me when I am frustrated and always positive and lifts me up. He really knows how to help someone of my age, but not push me too much.

I would highly recommend Alan and his staff. I know he truly has a passion and heart for training and health."

Jodi Rector

"Let Alan be your guide to a healthier you. Alan is very knowledgeable in his field. He can help you with all your fitness needs, goals, and diet. I personally have made great gains throughout my training with his help. He can help you become a healthier version of you."

Sharon Alexander

"I’ve been training with Alan since early summer of 2017. Alan is a great motivator and continues to challenge me to push me to achieve my personal goals. He trains with care and compassion. He makes every session challenging. My fitness level has increased noticeably, and I’ve seen improvements in strength with heavier weights."

Sean McLaughlin

"I am a self-employed electrical contractor. I have been training with Alan three days a week for six months and have lost over 50 pounds.

"Last spring, I had reached 300 pounds and could no longer work physically at my job because of the pain I was having in my knees and hips due to the excess weight and now my pain is minimal. I also had high blood pressure. I was not able to work in the heat for fear that I would have a heart attack or a stroke because I got short of breath so easy.

"I have been able to cut my blood pressure medication by 75 percent and hope to be off of them by spring. Thanks to Alan’s knowledge and encouragement I feel I am as strong as I have ever been and moving towards being my healthiest at fifty."

Amber Jackson

"I have a huge fitness/lifestyle changing goal––to lose 180 lbs. I’ll be honest...that seems overwhelming at times. I had a health scare in October 2017, and I HAD to make big/uncomfortable changes. A friend of mine introduced me to Alan later that month, and I joined the ladies group on Nov 1, 2017. That’s the day my life changed for the better.

"Alan cheers me on, pushes me when I need it, and knows when I’ve had enough! A few weeks ago, I missed a week when I had the flu. When I came back he watched me like a hawk…pushed me when I needed it, but also stopped me when he was worried about me. I completely trust Alan when it comes to my fitness goals!

"I have lost 40 lbs since that hospital stay in October––yay! But I also know that this would not have happened without Alan and his unique skills when it comes to fitness! He is very smart and dedicated! I can’t wait to crush my next goal!"

Jill McLaughlin

"My decision to meet Alan has completely changed my life! I had given up and was resolved that I was always going to be overweight. There were different activities I did not enjoy because of my weight; I hated having to ask for a table when going out to eat due to the fear of not fitting into a booth. I had to ask for an extended seat belt when on an airplane, and going to a concert was not comfortable because I did not fit well in the seats.

"I work 12-hour shifts, and I would have to spend my first day off after working  recovering...I was sleeping away my days. My weight had reached 315 pounds, ultimately causing me to have poor balance when walking.

"When I saw the question 'Did I want to get in the best shape ever and improve the quality of my life?' I thought, 'What do I have to lose?'

"I met Alan and began my journey on April 10, 2017. We began with a discussion about my goals, and Alan knew right where to start. I started with just two 30-minute workouts a week. Alan has never asked me to do anything I haven’t been able to do, and I have even surprised myself. Alan provides a lot of support and encouragement both in and out of the gym. He has provided excellent nutritional suggestions and advice along the way. I feel so much better with an increase in energy and strength levels and I am losing weight. My overall health has greatly improved.

"Since I began training with Alan, I have a much more active lifestyle and no longer waste days sleeping. I am in the best shape of my life at 50 years old. I have reached my first fitness goal ,and I'm excited to continue working with Alan beyond reaching my final goal. I would highly recommend Alan Anderson with Gym 28."

Jean Hase

"Alan Anderson has trained me for over three years. I joined a group of ladies who met up to four times weekly to lift weights, do interval training, and even box.

"These activities were far out of the realm of my experience. I am an English teacher, and for the past three years, I was also attending graduate school. My days consisted of mostly sitting--to grade papers, plan, and to complete homework of my own. I craved activity, but I felt intimidated by the gym environment and didn’t know the first thing about using the equipment.

"Lucky for me, in my quest to grow more active, I met Alan and the women he trained. I began attending sessions, and I always felt welcomed, encouraged, and, more importantly, challenged by the workouts. Through Alan’s patience and guidance, I gained confidence in benefiting from a variety of exercises, using machines, free-weights, and even pulling tires. Imagine how fierce and powerful doing those activities made this bookish teacher feel. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to feel strong physically and to feel comfortable working out.

"Alan has been a blessing in my life. He creates challenging workouts, and I leave each one feeling exhausted but also energized by my accomplishments. His patience and guidance make even the most arduous activity doable. It seems amazing to me to be able to navigate a leg-press, flip a tire, and manage hanging abs.  

"Being a part of his workout group has provided me both a healthier lifestyle and lifelong friends. I know I can depend on Alan and the women in our group to cheer me on when I’m pushing past the levels of my endurance.

"Alan provides excellent help and expertise as he helps us through workouts. Additionally, he keeps his clients informed about meal planning and exercise approaches through weekly e-mails that help us to achieve in ways beyond our regular exercise regimens. He truly cares about our health and well-being. If we have a question or concern about a vitamin supplement or meal choice, Alan either knows how to guide us or does research to discover how to address that concern.

"I love putting my ungraded essays aside several times a week to attend Alan’s sessions. I no longer feel self-conscious about entering the gym to become a stronger, more active, healthier me."